Schede di lettura

Dal 1997 al 2004 ho lavorato per Garzanti come consulente agli acquisti di titoli italiani inediti o già pubblicati in inglese, tedesco e francese. La stima di cui ho goduto da parte dell’allora direttore editoriale mi ha permesso spesso di non entrare troppo nei dettagli con le stroncature.

Delle più di 1200 schede realizzate (alcune anche per altri editori) ne sono sopravvissute poche centinaia, eccole (ne aggiungo una decina al giorno, aggiornamento 23.01.2023).

Abagnale, Frank W., Jr. with Stan Redding – Catch Me If You Can
Abrams, Rhonda – Wear Clean Underwear! Secrets from Mom for Running a Business
Aczel, Amir D. – The Riddle of the Compass
Aksyonov, Vassily – The New Sweet Style. A novel
Alibek, Ken with Stephen Handelman – Biohazard: The Chilling True Story Of the Largest Covert Biological Weapons Program In the World – Told From Inside By the Man Who Ran It
Almassy, Eva – Tous les jours
Appel, Jr., Alfred – Jazz Modernism. From Ellington and Armstrong to Matisse and Joyce
Arms, Myron – Riddle of the Ice. A Scientific Adventure Into the Arctic
Armstrong, John – Conditions of Love. The Philosophy of Intimacy
Athill, Diana – Stet

Bakin, Dmitri – Die Wurzeln des Seins
Barry, Max – Jennifer Government
Behar, Isaak – Versprich mir, dass du am Leben bleibst. Ein jüdisches Schicksal
Benzon, William – Beethoven’s Anvil
Berenbaum, May R. – Buzzwords. A Scientist Muses on Sex, Bugs, and Rock’n’Roll
Berg, Sibylle – Das Unerfreuliche zuerst. Herrengeschichten
Berreby, David – Members Only. The Anatomy of «Us Against Them»
Bertoli, Bruno (nome non modificato) – No money, Please! Favoletta civile per tempi difficili
Buzan, Barri & Gerald Segal – Anticipating the Future. Twenty Millennia of Human Progress

Comins, Neil F. – Heavenly Errors. Misconceptions About the Real Nature of the Universe
Cresci, L. – Curve celebri

Danticat, Edwidge – The Farming of Bones

Findley, Timothy – Pilgrim
Fletcher Geniesse, Jane – Passionate Nomad. The Life of Freya Stark
Fontane, Theodor – I miei anni d’infanzia. Romanzo autobiografico
Foot, John – Milan Since the Miracle. City, Culture and Identity
Freud, Sigmund (Hrsg. Christfried Tögel) – Unser Herz zeigt nach dem Süden. Reisebriefe 1895-1923
Frump, Robert R. – Until the Sea Shall Free Them. Life, Death and Survival in the American Merchant Marine

Gawande, Atul – Complications. A Young Surgeon’s Notes on Modern Medicine
Gira, Dennis – Le bouddhisme à l’usage de mes filles
Gnomiz – Autori vari. Raccolta di testi pubblicati sul sito internet]
Graham Mingus, Sue – Tonight at Noon. A Love Story
Greig, Andrew – That Summer
Gur, Batya – Murder Duet. A Musical Case
Gutman, Robert – Mozart. A Cultural Biography

Hiaasen, Carl – Team Rodent. How Disney Devours the World
Hine, Thomas – I Want That! How We All Became Shoppers
Höffe, Otfried – Kleine Geschichte der Philosophie
Howey, Noelle – Dress Codes. Of Three Girlhoods – My Mother’s, My Father’s and Mine

Iero, Demetrio P.F. & Adriana Pesante (nomi non modificati) – La conoscenza occultata

Kelly, John – And The Morning No Longer Belonged To God. An Intimate History Of The Black Death, The Most Devastating Plague In Human History
Kelman, James – Translated accounts. A novel

Lange, Hartmut – Das Streichquartett
Lathela, Silvo – Update
Lebrecht, Norman – The Song of Names
Lewin, Ralph A. – Merde. Excursions in Scientific. Cultural, and Socio-Historical Coprology

Macfarlane, Alan & Gerry Martin – The Glass Bathyscaphe. How Glass Changed the World
Malik, Kenan – Man, Beast and Zombie. What Science Can and Cannot Tell Us About Human Nature
Manet, Eduardo – Maestro!
Manoscritto su Mozart (nome dell’autore cambiato)
Medina, John – The Genetic Inferno. Inside the Seven Deadly Sins

Nichols, Peter – Darwin’s Shadow. The Lost World of Robert Fitzroy, Captain of the HMS Beagle
Nigam, Sanjay – Transplanted Man

Opdyke, Irene Gut (with Jennifer Armstrong) – In My Hands. Memories of a Holocaust Rescuer
Ordine, Nuccio – [su Giordano Bruno]

Pineiro, R.J. – 01-01-00
Pickover, Clifford A. – Wonders of Numbers. Adventures in Mathematics, Mind, and Meaning
Portello, Fosco (nome cambiato) – Le streghe del mare
Porter, Roy – Blood and Guts. A Short History of Medicine
Porter, Roy – Madness. A Brief History
Poświatowska, Halina – Erzählung für einen Freund
Prause, Gerhard – Niemand hat Kolumbus ausgelacht. Populäre Irrtümer der Geschichte richtiggestellt
Predictions. 30 Great Minds On the Future

Regis, Ed – The Biology of Doom. The History of America’s Secret Germ Warfare Project
Robinson, Kim Stanley – Antarctica
Rudgley, Richard – The Encyclopedia of Psychoactive Substances

Salamandra, Romeo & Giovanna Domenici (nomi cambiati) – Piccoli organi crescono
Sante, Luc – Low Life
Sarno, Louis – Last Thoughts While Vanishing
Scigliano, Eric – Love, War, and Circuses. The Age-Old Relationship Between Elephants and Humans
Solomon, Andrew – The Noonday Demon. An Anatomy of Depression
Souder, WIlliam – A Plague of Frogs. The Horrifying True Story
Svoray, Yaron & Richard Hammer – Blood From a Stone. The Hunt For Forty Uncut Diamonds Plundered by the Nazis and Buried by Two American GIs
Szymanski, Silvya – Kein Sex mit Mike. Erotische Geschichten / Agnes Sobierajski

Tartina, Pietro (nome cambiato) – La leggenda di Nascinguerra (l’uomo a cui fu sottratta l’anima)
Tasti, Fulvio – La Parigi musicale del primo Novecento. Cronache e documenti
Thorne, Tony – Children of the Night. Complete History of Vampires and Vampirism – fiction, film and the real world (proposal)
Tierno Jr., Philip M. – The Secret Life of Germs. Observations and Lessons From a Microbe Hunter
Tigre, Medardo (nome cambiato) – I percorsi dell’estasi
Trevisan, Lucio – L’angelo della morte
Trinh Xuan Thuan – Le chaos et l’harmonie
Truong, Jean-Michel – Totalement inhumaine

Valenstein, Eliot S. – Blaming the Brain. The Truth About Drugs and Mental Health
Vanderbeke, Birgit – Alberta empfängt einen Liebhaber
Vrettos, Theodore – Alexandria. City of the Western Mind

Walker, Alan & Pat Shipman – The Wisdom of Bones. In Search of Human Origins
Waters, Sarah – Affinity
Watts, Duncan J. – Six Degrees. The Science of a Connected Age
Wilcox, Annie Tremmel – A Degree of Mastery. A Journey through Book Arts Apprenticeship
Winslow, Don – California Fire and Life

Yalom, Irvin D. – Momma and the Meaning of Life

Zacks, Richard – The Pirate Hunter. The True Story of Captain Kidd
Zimmer, Carl – Parasite Rex. Inside the Bizarre World of Nature’s Most Dangerous Creatures